Used ABB Cable 3HAC031683-004, 30M for DSQC679 IRC5 Flex pendant

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The ABB DSQC679 3HAC031683-004 cable is a purpose-built accessory carefully designed to enhance the performance and connectivity of the IRC5 Robot Flex pendant, ensuring reliable communication and seamless operation between the flex pendant and the IRC5 robot controller.

The cable is 30 meters long to accommodate different installation setups and distances between the Flex pendant and the robot controller, and its optimal length eliminates unnecessary cable clutter.
If a situation arises where it is not necessary or safe to be close to the robot, the DSQC679’s 10-meter extension cable can be used.
The DSQC679 cable design prioritizes efficient data transmission, ensuring real-time communication for accurate robot programming and control.
ABB’s commitment to quality is evident in the cable’s durable construction. Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, the cable offers exceptional durability and long-term performance even under harsh operating conditions.
The cable’s connectors are designed to securely attach to the Flex pendant and robot controller, minimizing signal interference and ensuring a secure connection.
The cable’s design supports high data throughput, enabling fast and responsive communication between the Flex pendant and the IRC5 robot controller. This high data throughput is essential for dynamic and time-sensitive robotic tasks.
The cable design incorporates a level of flexibility that allows for easy routing and management within the robot workspace, its flexibility ensures a clean and organized setup, reducing the risk of cable damage or tangling.

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